Our Mission:

To unite the citizens, local businesses, law enforcement, and the local government. To empower people to enrich their communities. To help our local police department by becoming the eyes and ears of the community. To protect our community from vandalism and violence. To provide community service in order to bring peace and prosperity to our town. To encourage unity among the citizens of Estacada.

Not a member yet?

We are always welcoming new community members to join the group!   Being a member is free and gives some benefits such as voting rights, early input of planning, member only events, and more.  The requirements are simple:

  • Live in the area of Estacada, meaning it’s the city listed on your mailing address.
  • Attend one of our in-person events and participate, such as the monthly meetings.  Then attend at least one event every couple months.
  • Complete the membership application.